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1 table per CHR on MMC1 game ?

Started by KanedaFr, May 26, 2023, 04:48:42 AM

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Hi there,
I recently jumped to the NES translation hole because my son asked me to play the first Captain Tsubasa game.

I'm on the process to create my table but I realized I perhaps need more than one, so I'm looking for advice :

MMC1 allows to switch between 32 CHR banks.
I extracted all of them using YYCHR and noticed at least 2 which include letters.
First one for in-game text (status, team name, ...)
Second one for dialog, cut scenes and title screen

does it mean I need to create one table file per CHR bank and switch to one or another according the screen I'm translating ?


1st project: Captain Tsubasa (FC), by request of my son


Since the font defined in bank31 is not used the same way (raw vs pseudo encoded) according the screen which use it, I'm now using a table file per screen
1st project: Captain Tsubasa (FC), by request of my son