JP to ENG Translation -- few lines

Started by FinalRomance, May 22, 2023, 05:37:54 AM

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Whoever originally translated this gave up and simply copy-pasted previously translated lines for these. I caught this laziness and want to correct it, but I can't make contextual sense of these lines. I know it has to do with processing souls and having a lot of power to do so. Please help; thank you.


It would help if you provided a fuller explanation of the context. It's very hard to properly translate Japanese without an understanding of the situation it's being used in.

Without knowing anything else, this seems to say something like: "If you make use of the gap/difference between phases, it will become possible to halfway transfer your soul to the key. If, in this state, you inflict some sort of shock, you can change into the key while maintaining consciousness. After that, eternal liberation will come."

This sounds like a hint for a puzzle? Any idea what it is? That's the best I can give you from what you've provided.


In the game, the player picks outs an old book on a bookshelf and finds this information. I believe the player learns that artificial Runestones, which provide weak magical abilities, are created by using the souls of human beings as a catalyst. Unfortunately, I am not sure the part about the 'phase' and looking through transcripts seems to be a lore hole by the writers; likely I will need to leave this part literal. There are some references to theorems that are never mentioned again and "libleths", which Idk wtf these are. I just think it's unfinished by the dev team, but I haven't gone through the entire game dialogue yet.

I think I can cobble something together based on what you were able to garner out of it. TY for the help.


I see. Then in that case, as you've surmised, the referent is presumably the "soul" and not the reader. Also, looking into this a bit deeper, it seems that 位相のずれ is actually the Japanese term for "phase shift" (which based on your description is probably just acting as generic technobabble here).

So, given that and the context, the translation is more like: "If we make use of phase shifting, it becomes possible to halfway transfer a soul to a key. If in this state we inflict some form of shock, we can change it into a key while maintaining its consciousness. After that, eternal liberation will come." Hope that helps.