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New Dragon Drive v1-BETA, RII FINAL BETA and more

Started by FinalRomance, May 19, 2023, 06:44:23 AM

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All project's have a single goal: make a 'GET' patch -- Good Enough Translation. These patches are made to get through the game on real hardware and promise nothing else.

The files are only available on discord and nowhere else--ever.



Projects Statuses:

RUNEII - Finished
Dragon Drive - v1-BETA is out. Please review the patch notes for more info. Full BETA by 10/31/23.
Vara Noir - WIP, no patch.

I included a RUNEI save file that I hacked and made it a Japanese save from Shaendia's Lost Kingdoms I NTSC upload on GAMEFAQS.
*NO SPOILERS* At some point in RUNEII, you can import this file into the game. It has been tested, and everything transfers over fine. Just in case, before doing this, back-up your RUNEII save file.

Dragon Drive stuff:


What's new in this expanded version of Lost Kingdoms II? Incomplete list:

1. At least four NEW sidequests. Three of them are repeatable.
2. At least two NEW and exclusive enemies.
3. NEW dialogue and NPCs.
4. Rebalanced gameplay: includes some cards acting COMPLETELY different from LKII, enemy placements and numbers, nerfs & buffs for cards, at least two new enemy A.I. (probably more I don't know), patched exploits, hidden cards, new and adjusted treasure chests and map changes.
5. New map for Ruldo Forest.
6. Ten NEW cards to collect that change theme music.
7. Monsters that could not be copied (like Emperor and Pazuzu) on the US version can be on this one. The Capture Cards are still excluded. :P 
8. Capture Cards can be bought for a maximum of 5000G versus the US version's 50,000G!!
9. More levels can be replayed for bonuses than before.
10. Bug fixes: texture glitches fixed, death animations adjusted, etc.
11. Chariot Card is no longer missable.
12. Lose 10 or more gold when you abort a mission. (WTF?)  :-\
13. Updated list for Combos (YAY!).
14. Supposedly, one of the last bosses is easier.  :huh: 
15. Other stuff  8)

RUNEII Latest:

The game is 100% inserted and translated. Any bugs that need to be fixed will be in v1.0. Otherwise, the project is finished. Thank you.

V3-BETA Patch:

Audio bugs caused by From Software fixed. Z-Button Help done. Some bug fixes and formatting changes. Everything is translated, except, the monster card profiles: 0%.

Outdated V2.1-BETA:
Literally hundreds of bug fixes. No more overflowing text. *All cutscenes should now work. Combos added. Header/subheader/footer added.

*NO SPOILERS: At one point in the game, a mission-end cut scene with Sol and someone else does not properly play. It does not stop or crash the game, but some of the voices do not play correctly and the scene is choppy. The original unpatched iso exhibits the same behavior. I am not sure if this is a bug in the game or in the emulator. I do not have real hardware to test. Thus, I have no way to know what needs to be or if it can be fixed. - FIXED

Everything is 100%, except for:

Monster profiles -- both sides: 0%
Help Menu via Z-button: 0%

I've implemented a color system into dialogue, but it's incomplete. The last 2/3s of the game doesn't have it. Over time, this will progress further.

*The patch ONLY works with an untouched Redump ISO.*

Bugs, grammar errors, regressions, etc. may exist.

Roadmap: This is the second BETA Patch. The next patch will be V3-BETA and will have the Z-button Help Menu. Multiple BETA patches will be issued to address the monster profiles. At v1.0, hopefully, I will play through the whole game and put out any updates based on need.

*No screenshots this time.*


For the uninitiated, Rune II is the JP version of Lost Kingdoms II. It is the definitive / expanded / final build of the game, which includes bug fixes, QOL changes, additional NPCs, more cards (changes game music) and new sidequests. Maps and treasure chest locations and contents have been updated as well. Also, Capture Cards are easier to obtain because they do not cost up to 50,000 coin to acquire--a ridiculous decision that FS acknowledged by changing it for this final build.

Unfortunately, the changes are so numerous that a simple copypasta is not gonna work here. The game will need to have the known dialogue ported over. Also, the new dialogue will need to be translated as well. The font can be unaligned in some places, which I don't really care, so this is low on the on the priority list.

Video of some of the changes between the games (doesn't show everything):

The shop text was extremely buggy because the 'COPY' function has been removed from the main screen. The 'COPY' ability is now moved inside of the upgrade selection screens.

The word 'UPGRADE' will be missing from the selection screen and the top left of the suboption.

My goal is to make it 100% playable with dialogue from beginning to end--nothing more.

Current Progress (FINISHED):

Patch history: v1a, v2a, v3a, v4a, v5a, v1b, v2b, v2.1b, v3b, vFB (latest)

Dialogue Text Ported and New Text Translated - 100% -- AFAIK - in v1a patch
-Audio bugs and hacks were restored to their original, working and proper form. 100% - v3b
Treasure chests contents - 100% - in v5a

Menu - 100%
--Menu selections (include old and new) - 100% - in v2a
--Auxiliary Text (what screen you are on, buttons that can be used, mostly useless shit etc.) - 100% - v2b
--Help screens via Z-button - 100% - v3b
---Item names - 100% - in v5a
---Combo names+descriptions - 100% - v2b

Decks - 100% (going to be a long wait...)
-Monster Names and Card Numbers -  100% - in v1b
-Monster Stats -  100% - in v1b
-Attack names - 100% (also used in battle) - in v1b
-Card Profiles - 100% - vFB
--Left side - 100%
--Right side - 100%
In-game notifications (e.g. Loading game, saving game, "Are you sure you want to...?", etc.) - 100% - in v3a
World Map - 100% - in v4a
Information Text (a little bit of lore on some screens) - 100% - in v5a
Intro text - 100% (Yes, this is so shitty it needs it's own % of work) - in v5a
Bugs - Probably some text cut-offs that will be resolved in v1.0.

Secondary goals by priority (I probably won't complete)- ??%

1. Text formatting - I'll make it readable in all places.
2. Script re-write for non-VO parts.
3. Mark all free space w/o file expansion as "NULL" for someone that may want to translate to another language.

Tertiary goals by priority (Never will start because they are way too difficult or even impossible)

1. Allow both US and JP saves to work on the game.
2. Finish the unfinished level.
3. Finish L Trap mode for VS -- a cut mode that allows booby traps.
4. Re-insert unused text like VS mode tutorial(s).

That's all. Always, I am looking for help to make this job easier / completable. Thank you for looking.[/b]


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Quote from: nanashi89 on May 19, 2023, 07:59:11 PMIs there a Rune I fan-translation?

I am not aware of any. Additionally, I am not aware of any differences from the JP vs the US build of RN1 / LK1.


Dialogue in 100% English released w/patch notes.


I wanted to just update the main topic and accidentally posted.  :-\


V2A released - 100% Dialogue, 100% Menu Options

If anyone has any save files that are far into the game, then please share them. Right now, I am not far enough in the game to test a lot of stuff.


V3-ALPHA released - 100% Dialogue, 100% Menu Options, 100% Notifications (e.g. Loading game, saving game, "Are you sure you want to...?", etc.)

If anyone has any save files that are far into the game, then please share them. Right now, I am not far enough in the game to test a lot of stuff.


V4-ALPHA released - 100% Dialogue, 100% Menu Options, 100% Notifications (e.g. Loading game, saving game, "Are you sure you want to...?", etc.), 100% World Map

If anyone has any save files that are far into the game, then please share them. Right now, I am not far enough in the game to test a lot of stuff.

*NOTE* I already discovered a regression with the patch. After clicking on Kadishu, the left side is still in JP. By next patch, I will fix it.


V5-Alpha Patch. It has all dialogue, menu selections, menu notifications, treasure chests (minus card names--will be in V1-BETA), World Map, Item List, Intro (rewritten, retimed, recoded, etc.) and Lore on pause screens ported/translated/retranslated/rewritten/edited to English.

If anyone has any save files that are far into the game, then please share them. Right now, I am not far enough in the game to test a lot of stuff.


V1-BETA released.

Stay tuned for news on upcoming projects!

If anyone has any save RUNEII files that are far into the game, then please share them. Right now, I am not far enough in the game to test a lot of stuff.


I just wanted to edit the original post, and I hit the wrong button.


I've received reports that the dialogue's text has overflow issues between mild and severe later in the game. For V2-BETA, I will fix all of the ones that were reported and any I catch. This doesn't affect the rest of the stuff that will come with the newest patch. In addition, each BETA release will try to review the dialogue further (this was the plan anyways), so there are minimal or no issues by v1.0. Thank you. :thumbsup:  - Should be all fixed.


Dragon Drive v1-BETA: 1-0 to 1-3 and Menu + Items stuff translated. Read the patch notes for the rest.
File will only be available on Discord and nowhere else--ever.



Non-spoiler screens of v1b:


Stolen from wikipedia:

"Dragon Drive: D-Masters Shot is a third-person shooter video game released in 2003 by Treasure Co. Ltd. The game is based on the Dragon Drive series and was only released in Japan."

Some "Treasure" games: Guardian Heroes, Ikaruga, Gunbeat, Radiant Silvergun, etc. etc.

Again stolen from wikipedia:

"Dragon Drive (ドラゴンドライブ Doragon Doraibu) is a Japanese manga by created by Kenichi Sakura. (...) Dragon Drive follows a lazy junior high school student named Reiji Ozora who routinely gives up on everything he starts and is terrible at school work. Tired of seeing him give up at everything and continue to perform so poorly at school, his childhood friend Maiko Yukino shows Reiji the virtual reality game called Dragon Drive. It is a fighting game in which players and their dragon partners face off within a virtual reality city."


For RII, From Software purposefully, lazily and stupidly created an audio glitch with some cutscenes. Unlike LKII, RII allows the player to name his character. In doing so, they wanted to remove all references to the actual story character's name. FS tried to take a shortcut, and simply gutted her name from the audio files. They made a lazy attempt to retime the cutscenes to match the poorly-edited, hacked audio. This caused those scenes to be out-of-sync and appear glitched or create a frame skip sensation for the player.

The timing issues kept a copypasta from working for the majority of the them.

The original, fully working audio was restored for those scenes. Everything was retimed to be in sync, and they will be in v3b.



Everything 100% inserted. Any bugs or whatever will be fixed in v1.0.



Quote from: lantern48 on August 22, 2023, 01:27:18 PMI'm on your Discord. Where is the patch for this game?

The link is in the title of the #runeii channel.


Quote from: FinalRomance on August 22, 2023, 05:18:23 PMThe link is in the title of the #runeii channel.
So I just keep scrolling back until I get to the 1st post in that thread? Can't you make it more accessible than that? I've been scrolling back for minutes with no end in sight.