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What hpened to FFIV combat boost?

Started by Gustavo00786, May 16, 2023, 12:21:26 AM

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All started when i was searching for a hack for the psp colection of the ffiv game that make cecil transform into paladin and dark knight in battle but found nothing then i tried the snes and found a post where bahamut ZERO asked GrimoireLD to make a morph command for cecil not only the skin but also stats and skils he din't published the link, okay then im going to search for the hack bahamut ZERO wanted to but this command and i din't found it but i found the combat boost that not only a better combat expierence for ffiv but also has a job system like ffIII and ffV meaning dark knight cecil and paladin whanever i want but all the links are dead to anyone know what happened to grimoireLD? or can talk to him or something? i already tried but din't get any answer, or someone know atleast what the name of the bahamut ZERO hack that has the morph command?