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Can I please get some help with SMB1?

Started by Googie, May 13, 2023, 04:31:39 PM

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I was playing Excite Mario Bros. a while back and I noticed that the inside of the castles have windows...

I have a few SMB hacks on the back burner that I used extra tiles that have the dungeon windows.

So how can I add 'em to the castles in my SMB hacks to be visible inside the castles? Any help would really be appreciated.  ;)   


There are many level editors for this game out there.


Nothing to do with level editing, don't know what the other guy is misreading.

You will likely need a background editing tool, I don't know the names of them but there is one that has been translated to English by Eden-GT in the utilities section. (You will have to sacrifice one of the backgrounds but this may be okay depending on how you want your hack to be).
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@benfromnesuniverse3, yeah, why would level data contain anything background related. What was I thinking.


Hi there. I haven't edited SMB myself, but I have copied and pasted graphics from Mario 1-3 to other games using YY-CHR.

It looks like these windows are from Super Mario 3. You can use YY-CHR to copy and paste sprites between games, edit sprites, draw your own, or copy and paste sprites from another program like Photoshop. But you will probably have to find something to remove and replace with the window graphic, just like Ben said.

It looks like there are some utilities available for Super Mario Bros as well as some how to documents.

When I started rom hacking, I was making my own tables to edit text, and going in to the ROM itself to edit the colors, etc. before I discovered that other people have made Utilities to make much of this stuff easier and/or possible. It's especially great if you want to edit a popular game, as it is more likely someone has made a helpful utility that will help with whatever you are trying to do. :)


I opened the hack in that SMB1 Editor GreatEd, it can open hacks that SMBU can't open, this is what I found...

I don't normally use the Vine & Star in most of my SMB hacks, so when I did some TSA editing it's fully functional...

I need to figure out on how to make the player go through the window, since if you hit the bottom the star comes out & you can stand on the top.

EDIT: I need it like this...