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Breath Of Fire 3 or Breath of Fire 4

Started by MagnusCaligula, April 17, 2023, 11:33:09 PM

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what one is better and how long did it take you to beat them? I already got the uncensored hack for BO4 i played this game years ago as a child when they first came out and i am looking to get back in again

Red Soul

Well, it's quite subjective, really. Both games are great, but if you want my take, I prefer BoF3 due to the cooler Ryu design and the Dragon Gene system. I have no idea how long it took me to beat, but I'm pretty slow, so I'm not a very good reference for the average.

BoF4 looks great also and is a very strong game in its own right, and Fou Lu is really cool, but for me the transformation system is a lot worse, so I like it slightly less (still like it a lot, though).

There is a site that people post in about how long it takes to beat games, if you need a sort of baseline, although I wouldn't worry about it - just play at your own pace.


I'm currently playing BOF3 with emulator. The combat is slow in this game so now I'm playing it at 125% speed.


Both were good, but I personally preferred the third game more overall. To me, it had a better plot along with just about everything else (graphics, music, characters and the dragon gene transformation system). I did however like the party system in the fourth game more where you can swap out characters in battle as in the first game.

As for how long these games take to beat, it depends on how you play them and the skill of the player, so it's therefore a bit hard to say exactly. However, you can always check on the website called "" for more information.

Breath of Fire III:
Breath of Fire IV:
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