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Front Mission (SNES) Addendum v1.02

Started by mziab, January 20, 2023, 04:24:45 AM

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Thank you very much. I burned the rom, played some stages on original hardware. So far so good.


Hey all,

Having some trouble applying this patch. When I patch this addendum to the 1.0b version of F.H.'s initial translation, upon loading with Snes9x I get text artifacting.

Then after this it goes to some strange character portrait text cutscene that's not in the 1.0b version where the text is also unreadable, then it gets stuck on a blonde female character and I can't progress.

The 1.0b version is completely playable however. My rom informations are below.

Original ROM:
File SHA1 5F4BECE915AE36FB9403F23FCF312C4F37F5B714
ROM SHA1 415A01C011A8294630315A2AF29F8DA5A4645EF4
File MD5 FBB37B2D09D05DF96843589BFD7118AB
ROM MD5 8098A3D165FFF3E4D786E2902D21FD2C
File CRC32 FC334DBC
ROM CRC32 FE27E061

Patched with initial old patch (1.0b):
File SHA1 9221928BDF51B86EB3FFC3EDAB23837699280905
ROM SHA1 7114BD9D09F62D082F9FE43DCB4C144D439C4173
File MD5 D14687A9B2972D4D8ABAD934439CAB50
ROM MD5 E744C9BC5E7EB5715A8A24543EECBC88
File CRC32 B4ACA0B0

Finally patched with Addendum latest (1.02):
File MD5 58156F72DC7619B2FA797487766BCF1D
ROM MD5 58156F72DC7619B2FA797487766BCF1D
File CRC32 B6BF5FF9


This is most likely a header issue. Basically, if the old English translation worked before applying the addendum, please remove the header from the ROM before patching. You can do so by checking the "Remove header" checkbox in the RHDN patcher.

Moreover, the addendum is made so that, when properly applied, the resulting ROM has a correct checksum. So if Snes9x shows that the internal checksum is wrong, that means the patch was applied incorrectly.

Incidentally, the included BPS patch contains checksum information, so Floating IPS and other patchers should warn you if you're using the wrong ROM.


Perfect, I removed the header after the initial patch and everything worked.

Much appreciated.

Red Soul

Headers are a pain. I'm glad you got it working.


Hi All,

I don't know if this helps or if there are any future updates planned for this patch, but I did come across another untranslated string of text. When are you are doing the desert mission and Paul dies that text is still in Japanese. Thank you for your work on this patch.


Thanks for the report. I'll look into it when I have the time.