ROM Hacks: Here comes Resident Evil 3: Chibi Edition!

Started by RHDNBot, April 26, 2023, 10:28:48 PM

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Update By: CryinOnion

After a long absence, Crying Onion is back. And this time comes with two friends: Super Buni, who inspired some time ago one of the most notorious projects of this author and who, once again, contributed both the original idea and some suggestions. And ProtoPixel, professional graphic artist and lover of old school games, who brings his talent in pixelart.

And what do they bring us? Something that being honest is quite simple: A parody/tribute to Resident Evil 3, using Nintendo's classic "Popeye" as a base.

You can see the animated gifs that accompany this article, search for it on YT, where several videos have already been dedicated to it, or you can simply download it and judge for yourself this cuteness that as usual from its creator, hides enough references and Easter eggs so that within its simplicity, any fan of Capcom's franchise will enjoy it.

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Awsome hack only need's new music. Fun to play this Halloween.  ;D