Anyone know how to use e-reader cards in Super Mario Advance 4?

Started by MathUser2929, April 02, 2023, 02:55:39 PM

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I want to use the card to add plants to SMB3. Using other cards would be nice too. I am talking about using the Visual Boy Advance emulator.


Do you mean Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros. 3? (that is to say the GBA port of SMB3; GBA Mario numbering gets confusing)

If so I should probably link if so. might also be of interest.

no-intro used to have a nice wiki as well but think it got lost in a site shuffle recently so might have to go on the wayback machine or something.

Some also fiddled with the wii u rerelease of the game as it included some things.


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I couldnt get it working, but does someone have the codebreaker codes they can post?


Ok, I found the plant code. It was at tcrf. I wish I could enable more of the e-cards, but at least I finally got the plant code working.


I have a copy of this with all levels unlocked. Sites refer to it as the "1.1" version but this is just code for "everything is unlocked".