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How to submit a web-based patcher as a utility

Started by RealCritical, April 24, 2023, 08:20:01 AM

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I have a web-based patcher specifically for an SNES game called Lufia II, which I would like to the respective game's utilities page.

On the respective submission form, when trying to add the entry with the URL, I get the following error:

QuoteInvalid File Extension in URL ''; Allowed extensions are ZIP, RAR, 7ZP, TXT, HTML, TAR.GZ, DOC, DMG, and EXE.)

Is it at all possible to add this tool to the game's page? What's the intended process to get it there?

Thanks in advance!


You would have to use the Contact Staff link on the left side of the main page to discuss if it possible to add this.
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Is the patcher some kind of javascript or php? Why not upload the raw source code as a .zip file, and provide a link to your website in the details?  That way someone else can host the patcher if something happens to your website.
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