RHDN site request: can GB and GBC patches be separated?

Started by RetroProf, April 26, 2023, 05:01:40 AM

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is it possible, when searching for translation patches or hacks, to have the Game Boy and Game Boy Color files separate?

It has always troubled me that so many places combine GB/GBC into a single category. I assume because a few GBC games also work on a GB. The problem is, they are two distinct platforms, that happen to share some overlap. One cannot put Metal Gear Solid, or Resident Evil Gaiden, or that Harry Potter RPG into a monochrome DMG Game Boy, ergo it is really weird that these games are classified under the GB label.

Mainly I ask this because I have now gotten into GB flashcarts, for use on a modded GB and GBC, and later my Analog Pocket (if it ever arrives).

I like to keep my ROM folders separate. GBC games for use on my GBC, and GB games for use on my GB. And it makes patching Japanese games a hassle given how both formats are combined on here.

Also, I wanted to search monochrome GB hacks which colourise the games. Except searching for GB hacks also brings up GBC hacks.

Is it at all possible these two formats might get their own distinct label in the search engine? Or is the system now too entrenched to allow this?

Failing that: am I just using the system wrong?

Is it possible to search for and filter out patches and hacks for each platform, discretely?

Thank you for your time.


It is a topic that has been discussed a few times before.

The end result is there of those is so very little benefit and is unlikely to be any more in the future either. You then get a classification headache (there are at least 4, maybe 5, categories it could "usefully" be split into if the GB vs GBC distinction is made*) in addition to the reclassification of existing things.

*original gameboy
super gameboy https://blog.loveconquersallgames.com/post/2350461718/fuck-the-super-game-boy-introduction . Fewer hacks here but is an option in the future (it seems the wonder that is SGB bomberman is finally being recognised as worthy of being up there with PCE and Saturn by more than just me).
gameboy color
gameboy advance GBC bonuses (for which there are several hacks already, both for sorting out the lesser palettes usually seen there and unlocking modes on the GB/GBC)
GB and GBC also existed simultaneously and while there is certainly GBC exclusive stuff there is also the stuff released that caters to both with some bonuses for being on GBC (usually seen with the extension dx but there are others, an oddities as well, especially as it pertains to things coming out of Japan and taking a while to be localised).

As far as hacks are concerned there are also those that turn GB games into GBC games (pokemon and some of the Mario platformers being the more prominent examples), and I have seen a few aimed at the N64 pokemon adapter thing.

However as no flash cart cares, the vast majority of people playing hardware GB/GBC games are going to be on a GBC at the very least (the analogue pocket does not care either, wonderful device by the way, even had a little update at one point to make it so people moving from GB mode to GBC via savestate might not be troubled), most emulators don't care and won't going forward either (the GBA emulators of them made a distinction for a while, though even then goomba color is a thing, anything newer does not care).


I certainly think of the GB and GBC libraries as separate, or at least distinct, and I would prefer to see monochrome GB games in their own category. But I don't get the impression that changes like this are in the cards right now at all, let alone if they're at all controversial or nuanced, so...  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯