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The Wings of Madoola Plus

Started by ndiddy, April 20, 2023, 12:51:17 AM

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Screenshots (56K warning)


This is a improvement/quality of life patch I've worked on for The Wing of Madoola (I added the "s" to make it match the unreleased arcade version, which overall had better English than the NES version).


  • Replaced the continue feature with a battery save (choose which stage to start with left/right)
  • Added the lowercase font from the arcade version
  • Added the revised intro/ending text from the arcade version
  • Used MMC3 interrupts to hide the scrolling artifacts when playing on an LCD
  • Allowed the player to switch weapons without pausing (you press Select)
  • Fixed a level design mistake on the last stage
  • Music no longer restarts when pausing the game or when teleporting through a level
  • The noise channel no longer cuts out on the castle theme
  • Fixed a bug where spamming the "flash" weapon causes massive amounts of damage
  • Fixed a bug where holding A when you get hit makes you get knocked too high
  • Fixed a bug where killing Darutos and then dying will cause him not to appear
  • Fixed a bug in the sound engine where APU channels could get stuck on

Patch credits:
  • Programming, ideas - ndiddy
  • Ideas, playtesting, graphics - marklincadet


I downloaded the patch, gonna try it out after dessert.  :D


I updated the patch to fix an interrupt concurrency issue that was occasionally causing graphical glitches.