ROM Hacks: Experience the music in Super Mario Bros. on Famiclones as it was originally designed for the NES!

Started by RHDNBot, April 23, 2023, 10:32:38 PM

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Update By: chirinea

Super Mario Bros. Duty Cycle Swap Edition fixes the famous duty cycle swap bug of many Famiclones.

Famiclones usually have CPU chips designed with the 25% and 50% duty cycles of their pulse wave channels swapped. This leads to music and sound effects being played differently from how the original NES or Famicom play them. In Super Mario Bros., composer Koji Kondo used the 50% duty cycle to play all the music, which has a darker, hollower sound. On clone consoles, the music is played using the 25% duty cycle, which has a brighter sound.

This hack replaces the 50% duty cycle instructions in all Super Mario Bros. music with 25% duty cycle instructions. If the hacked ROM is played on original NES or Famicom consoles, the game will sound as if it was being played on a clone console. Conversely, if it is played on a Famiclone, it will sound as it would if played on an original Famicom or NES.

Unfortunatelly, the sound effects were not touched in this hack (they're also affected by the bug), maybe in a future update.

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