Found official evidence about the 1990 Famicom emulator for the FM Towns

Started by Joe Yabuki, April 27, 2023, 07:40:49 PM

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Joe Yabuki

Many people (including me) didn't believe 100% on the Family Computer Emulator V0.35 by Haruhisa Udagawa (ex-Namco employee), with a timestamp of December 12, 1990. But recently I "discovered" a CD released in March 1991, by Fujitsu, called "FM Towns Freeware Collection 3", which includes the version 0.45 of it. You can find a rip of it on the, or can even buy the old CD from some japanese sites.

For me it's proof enough that it wasn't a wrong file date or a hoax. I'm not saying the emulator wasn't real, but the early date was kinda suspicious.

After a lot of trying, I could get the 0.45 to work on the Tsugaru FM Towns emulator. If anyone is interested in verify this piece of history, I can give some directions here (don't know if the moderation will accept this topic).

- The only games suported are mapper 0, and probably just some of them, there's a .doc included on the emulator folder with compatibility.

- You need to split the ROM into PRG and CHR (I used FamiROM). Then rename the PRG to GAMENAME.P25 and the CHR to GAMENAME.C64 [note that these extensions are required, since he programmed it to accept this way, also the filename needs to be max 8 characters]

- Create a .BAT file with the following:

run386 emu GAMENAME

Just these 3 words above.
Put the newly created GAMENAME.BAT in the FC_EMU folder, together with the split ROM. Note that you'll need to copy the FC_EMU folder to a virtual floppy disk or a virtual HDD on the FM Towns, since you can't write on the CD. After that, just run the .bat file.

Emulator path on the CD is Drive:\MS_DOS\HAL\FC_EMU


I see there is not a link directly to the emulator, which is good, since we are not permitted to.
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I already had upload a video of FC Emulator for FM TOWNS at Youtube over a year ago.