ROM Hacks: Mega Man World 5 DX gets updated!

Started by RHDNBot, April 06, 2023, 05:42:04 AM

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Update By: marc_max

The colorization hack for Game Boy's unique Mega Man V has received an big update!

First of all, all cut content from v1.0 due to lack of time is here! Semibosses have now new palettes that make them more faithful to their original artwork. And a beautiful DMG warning screen has been added as well.

But, among other smaller graphics improvements, the biggest feature that didn't make it to the v1.0 is now implemented: damage feedback!
Yes, enemies now blink when damaged (a la NES style) allowing the player to see the invincibility frames for every enemy. This was the most requested issue to be fixed, and now, the hack can be considered finished!

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