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Tim file multiples cluts

Started by krzys837, April 04, 2023, 04:18:46 PM

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Hello guys. I have a strange .tim file that have a 16 cluts.
In normal case others cluts have a pallete of colors.
But this .Tim file consist of 16 cluts and second picture with own pallets.

1 to 7 is a picture with location names
but 9 to 16 is a another picture with different names with changed thier x,y,z coordinates.

I've never seen this before. I tried to edit first picture(1-7) and it's ok
but cluts 9 to 16 are brokens or artefacts. If edit clut 9 then 9 to 16
it's ok but then 1 to 7 are brokens or artefacts.

I tried Gimp with tim plugin, optpix studio , convert to png, convert to bmp and nothing.

Any advice how to do it properly?


This is quite typical, actually. The easiest option is to modify the raw image data interpreting in gray scale, using no clut at all. In this way you have access to all pixels of the image, and you don't break the indices of the pixels referring to the cluts.

Depending on the image format (most likely 4bpp or 8bpp, you need to extract the raw pixel to a file and open it with something that let's you read raw data by specifijg the encoding, like tile molester.