Help with Street Fighter 2 remaster Megadrive region lock

Started by Twiz, April 03, 2023, 08:09:43 AM

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I am trying go make street fighter 2 remaster work on my Pal Megadrive with a mega everdrive x3.

I'm an absolute noob at hacking, I managed to apply hack on the rom (Street Fighter II' - Special Champion Edition (U) [f1]). When I start the game i see the hack has been applied because I see a picture with Bison and a text saying Street Fighter Remastered From Pyron..." but then the game won't launch because it's a US version. Text saying "Developped for use only with NTSC Genesis System".

When I look at the ROM config with the everdrive under "rom region" the value is "world", the same in the everdrive global options. It tried with Megakey "On" and "Off" but I have the same problem.

Could someone help me with this or point me to the right place for help please ?

Thank you a lot.

Tony H

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