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Question about using cheats on Rom hacks

Started by retrosprite440, March 26, 2023, 06:17:54 PM

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So I just patched some games and played a few when I realized that the cheat files used in the snes9x database don't apply to rom hacks.  How do I use cheats for rom hacks?  The database file used in snes9x is a .bml file and I know it can be edited and what not, but how would I go about actually doing it?  I already opened it up with notepad ++, and the games are listed by their cartridge sha#.  So is there a way to, for example, copy and paste cheats that already exist for the game, then create a custom entry for the rom hacked version, so that when I search for cheats for the rom hack from within snex9x, they pop up and are usable?  Thanks if anyone can help


It's completely trivial to calculate a ROM's SHA-1, if that's what you're asking.  There are tons of offline tools that can do it, or you can just use .

Of course, a cheat won't necessarily be compatible with a hack that makes big changes, such that data isn't stored in the same place in RAM as it would be with the original ROM.
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There's codes for many roms but sometimes, usually if there's differences the codes doesn't work.

Or not, I remember
some megaman games working with the same "infinite hp codes" for example.

For snes if there's no codes available, I try to search in memory
(Snes 9x it's fine)

And using tools that try to apply a cheat into a Rom, for me doesn't make anything.

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