(SFC) Gekitou Burning Pro-Wrestling Player Modifier help

Started by shadowmaster, March 25, 2023, 03:17:33 PM

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to hack an obscure Super Famicom title called Gekitou Burning Pro-Wrestling.
Specifically, the second part of Gekitou's World Championship mode.

In the second part, the player must face 116 opponents consecutively to see the game's true ending.
The final opponent (on the left) is Tatsuki Mitusawa (Mitsuharu Misawa). The player's character
is always shown on the right. In the above example, the character I chose was Great Mumaroshi
(Great Muta).

Defeating Misawa leads to the game's credits.

After the above part of the credits, the player's character will appear on screen
with a two second taunt.

Each Wrestler has their own custom ending; which means in order to see all of the endings,
a player would need to complete Gekitou Burning Pro-Wrestling 117 times with all of the
characters and compete in 13752 matches.

Long story short, I'm hoping someone can help me figure out a player modifier code that
would allow me to switch out the character in the final match of World Championship mode.
Mainly so I could record all 117 endings ...without having to play through thirteen thousand-plus

A feat, as to my knowledge, no one else has done before.

For those who'd like to work with the rom directly, I attached a link that includes the game
and a Snes9X save state with part 2 of World Championship mode already unlocked. The save
file loads directly to the final match of the mode.


Whether locating the correct in-game address to modify players - or working with the rom
directly, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Eventually, I'd like to upload all 117 endings to Youtube.


I'm not 100% certain this is right, but try this cheat before the last screen:
306ff0=XX, where XX are all the hexadecimal numbers from 0x00 to 0x80 for a total of 129 characters?
Maybe there are duplicates, I haven't gone through all of them.
Hopefully the characters' animations are the correct ones.


Quote from: lightbulbsun on March 25, 2023, 08:17:22 PMI'm not 100% certain this is right, but try this cheat before the last screen:
306ff0=XX, where XX are all the hexadecimal numbers from 0x00 to 0x80 for a total of 129 characters?
Maybe there are duplicates, I haven't gone through all of them.
Hopefully the characters' animations are the correct ones.

Thank you, your code worked. I just had to return to the main menu. Now time to play through a match and see.


It seems I've come to another obstacle getting the final endings. The player modifier code only covers the
first 99 characters. Would you happen to have any idea of how to modify the ending for characters #100 - 117?

I've been messing around with coding. Replacing numbers with letters (such as 306FF09C) brings up this strange
additional character:

The unnamed character is a lightly-coloured (and barefoot) Mitsuharu Misawa. who just so happens to be wearing
purple trunks. Makes me wonder if this unnamed Wrestler was the original character template used to create
the rest of the Gekitou roster.

The 75th character modifier also brings up a palette glitch. The two legends that were most noticeably missing from Gekitou
Burning Pro-Wrestling were Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba. Could this be Antonio Inoki found in the game's code?!


I think I see the confusion. The last two digits in the cheat code are hexadecimal numbers, so
  • wrestler #0 would be 306ff000,
  • wrestler #16 would be 306ff010,
  • wrestler #75 would be 306ff04b,
  • wrestler #100 would be 306ff064,
  • wrestler #117 would be 306ff075,
and so forth.
A cheat code of 306ff09c would be wrestler #156.


Thanks to your help lightbulbsun, I managed to record all of the endings and discovered 14 additional Wrestlers
hidden in Gekitou's code.

The Wrestler modifier code for this specific part of the game is as followed:


00 Mitsuharu Misawa
01 Kenta Kobashi
02 Toshiaki Kawada
03 Akira Taue
04 Jumbo Tsuruta
05 Jun Akiyama
06 Takao Omori
07 Tsuyoshi kikuchi
08 Masanobu Fuchi
09 Stan Hansen
10 Shinya Hashimoto

11 Kensuke Sasaki
12 Hiroshi Hase
13 Junji Hirata
14 Keiji Mutoh
15 Masahiro Chono
16 Hiroyoshi Tenzan
17 Sabu
18 Hiro Saito
19 Jushin Liger
20 OsamU Kido

21 Yoshiaki Fujiwara
22 Scott Norton
23 Hawk
24 Animal
25 Rick Steiner
26 Scott Steiner
27 Dean Malenko
28 Great mMuta
29 Shiro Koshinaka
30 Hiromichi Fuyuki

31 Jado
32 Gedo
33 Ultimo Dragon
34 Masao Orihara
35 Hulk Hogan
36 The Undertaker
37 Big Van Vader
38 Bret Hart
39 Hakushi
40 Negro Casas

41 Mil Mascaras
42 Dos Caras
43 El Canek
44 Gran Hamada
45 Atsushi Onita
46 Tarzan Goto
47 Hisakatsu Oya
48 Ricky Fuji
49 Mr. Pogo
50 Great Nita

51 Ghost Face
52 Jason The Terrible
53 The Great Sasuke
54 Shiryu
55 Super Delfin
56 Gran Naniwa
57 TAKA Michinoku
59 Terry Boy
60 Tiger Jeet Singh

61 Akira Maeda
62 Volk Han
63 Tariel Bitsadze
64 Dick Vrij
65 Nobuhiko Takada
66 Gary Albright
67 Kazuo Yamazaki
68 Yoji Anoh
69 Masakatsu Funaki
70 Ernesto Hoost

71 Peter Aerts
72 Rickson Gracie
73 Kimo Leopoldo
74 Changpuek Kiatsongrit
75 Antonio Inoki (Unfinished character)
76 The Ultimate Warrior (Unfinished character)
77 The Destroyer (Unfinished character)
78 Terry Gordy (Unfinished character)
79 The British Bulldog (Unfinished character)
80 Mitsuharu Misawa (Unfinished character version)

0A Steve Williams
0B Johnny Ace
0C Danny Kroffat
0D Doug Furnaz
0E Riki Choshu
0F Tatsumi Fujinami

1A Wild Pegasus
1B Black Tiger
1C Norio Honaga
1D El Samurai
1E Koji Kanemoto
1F Shinjiro Otani

2A Kengo Kimura
2B Tatsutoshi Goto
2C The Great Kabuki
2D Michiyoshi Ohara
2E Genichiro Tenryu
2F Ashura Hara

3A Sting
3B Randy Savage
3C Ric Flair
3D Rick Rude
3E El Hijo Del Santo
3F Octagon

4B Wing Kanemura
4C The Sheik
4D The Gladiator
4E Big Titan
4F Hayabusa

5A Kendo Nagasaki
5B Rusher Kimura
5C Ryuma Go
5D Koji Kitao
5E Terry Funk
5F Bruiser Brody

6A Minoru Suzuki
6B Ken Shamrock
6C Bas Rutten
6D Masaaki Satake
6E Sam Greco
6F Andy Hug

7A Great Kabuki (unfinished character version)
7B Super Strong Machine (unfinished character version)
7C Manabu Nakanishi (Unfinished character)
7D Ultimo clone (Unfinished character)
7E Onryo (Unfinished character)
7F Eagle (Unfinished character)

8E Green Misawa (Unfinished character)
8F Fighting Misawa (Unfinished character)

Unexpectedly discovering the unfinished Wrestlers quite enjoyable. A process I'd like to experiment with a bit further. Wrestlers like Giant Baba,
Abdullah The Butcher, and even the original Tiger Mask were all strangely omitted.  Perhaps they too are locked away inside the game code...

With plenty of screenshots, I documented finding the first 14 hidden characters here: