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Zelda Sealed Palace at a dead end?

Started by spamzilla, April 23, 2023, 05:28:00 PM

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I played this mod all the way up to Ganon's Castle and I finally seem to be stuck.  :(  I scoured everywhere including with the lens of truth. There is one locked door but IDK where the key is at or if it even exists. These pics show where I am impeded by an evil barrier:

Ok Impala!

You'll surely get an answer in the Hylian Modding Discord. There is a channel for Sealed Palace there, maintained by the authors of the hack. Here is the invite link:
Ember of Mana (
Zelda II - Amida's Curse (
Super Mario Kart - Epic Racers (
Super Mario Kart - The Impala Battles (