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edited ps1 rom wont work

Started by kmdex, March 14, 2023, 07:30:24 AM

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I edited yugioh FM cards by a tool that requires both slus file and wa_mrg file

i did this a while back and it worked fine but this time the rom itself wont work after editing. is there somthing I am missing here please help

here is the setps i am doing: the iso and extract both files

2.using the tool normally

3.putting back the files into the rom and save


First thing to test is can you open the iso, grab the files out and insert them back/rebuild the ISO and have it work. Plenty of times this can be the issue so eliminate that first.

If that works extract the file. Do a basic one line edit (preferably nothing that would change file length). Rebuild and see if it works still.

Repeat such things doing greater and greater degrees of edit until you encounter the step that breaks it and then we can see about sorting it.