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Started by RHDNBot, March 11, 2023, 09:57:14 AM

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Update By: heavyjo

Released only in Japan and the USA, Castlevania Symphony of the Night never received a localization in Europe.
It is now done.
Join Richter and Alucard and fight the forces of evil.
The game is 100% translated into French.

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"It's just your egocentric interpretation" is some top-shelf Richter :D hehehe (Classic PSX: "Your words are as empty as your soul," and PSP: "Of all the self-serving claptrap").

I'm very closely aligned (read: married) to someone who speaks a Romance language and is ESL, and it continually amuses me how purple Romance languages sound when rendered in English. English is really dry and colorless, a lot of the time. Also of note, the Netflix Series introduces an origin story of the Belmont Family as being from France, but sort of a "migrant worker" situation (the "work" being hunting vampires), who just went east to Romania cuz that's where the work took them.

Congrats on releasing! "Merci pour tout votre travail difficile!"


"It is now done." sounds ambiguous. It's like this is the first localization in a European language, while the Italian one is older (and seems you used it as a base for the french one).
Congrats on your release but please re-phrase that part to respect Gemini's work.


It's a mistake, this game was released in Europe in 1997, but never translated.


nice piece of work, but technically United Kingdom is part of Europe (at least geographically), so the English version can be considered a localization for Europe.

Anyway, the game got two fan translations, Italian and English: