Are there any SMB1 hacks where Player 2 has separate sprites from Player 1?

Started by Be_The_Fire, March 07, 2023, 01:24:52 PM

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I've seen them for Super Mario Bros. 3 but I can't seem to find any for the first game.


I don't know, but it's relatively easy to do.

One needs to hack SMB to a different mapper with CHR bankswitching (I'm pretty sure there are several mapper hacks out there already). Then make a copy of CHR banks with player sprites, and do a little coding to select original or copy depending on who is currently playing.

After that you can edit tiles in that copy to make Luigi look different and don't affect Mario's own graphics.

Rani Baker

I actually made a hack like this last year.


My notes are not available right at this moment but I can check back in later if you have any questions. I shuffled a few tiles around so MARIO and LUIGIs name use the same tiles so the CNROM bankswitch switches the name without needing a new string, and then I used the parts of the code which contain the LUIGI specific strings to squeeze in the bankswitching calls. So like, when you die, it does a bankswitch rather than the normal thing it does to switch between MARIO and LUIGI.

I think. I think I had to do some other shenanigans to account for stuff like TIME OVER deaths.

It's something along those lines tho.


This relatively simple hack has a distinct page of graphics for Luigi.



Don't link to patches on sites which ask the user to pay money. We don't approve of that practice here.
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Rani Baker

Sorry about that, all my patches/hacks are on Ko-Fi and itchio currently. I'll remember not to post those. Probably gonna start putting them on Github soon. Anyway here's a Google Drive link to it:

Turns out it's a little different and more streamlined than I remember. I think it just does the CNROM bankswitch back and forth during a specific part of the death routine, because it only changes like six or seven bytes of code. I remember it taking some finagling because of how TIME OUT deaths and regular enemy and pit deaths are handled differently.


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