Way of the Samurai 2 PSP (eng translation, help needed)

Started by richterwilker, February 27, 2023, 10:27:27 AM

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-------- intro
Hi. Hope you're all good and well.
Going right to the point, the game Way of the Samurai 2 Portable has an unfinished english translation based of the ps2 version (released officialy in english). I decided to give it a go being that i've been learning some programming, but i've hit a wall.

-------- progress so far
Text files for both ps2 and psp versions were in .DAT files, and they are similar enough to the point that just "transplanting" it's internal files from one to another works fine (being that they are extracted correctly, which took me a while to figure out how to do and find the right plugins)
I had some progress made, as npc names and some other text files can be replaced and work fine.

------- where i'm stuck
A folder called "task" has an "alltask" file without extension, and a bunch of .bin files, like:
etc... (175 files in total)

These are npc dialogue, their choices during conversations and dialogue boxes that you see when walking around. The files from the ps2 and PSP are also identical (in name, but different file sizes, as ps2 files are in english and psp are in japanese), but can't just be replaced, as the game freezes after the end of the first cutscene, right when trying to load a level.

If someone has any idea on what to do (maybe a tool would need to be created to extract and rebuild said files), i would gladly pick up from there and finish this project.

The site with the old abandoned project: https://samurai-elite.forumotion.com/t57-project-wots2p-conversion