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Legend of Zelda FamiTracker Support

Started by Quantam, June 21, 2023, 09:17:52 PM

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I couldn't help myself. So here's FamiTracker support for Legend of Zelda.

Basic features:
- Supports Dn-FamiTracker tracks (no DPCM or expansion chips)
- Increases ROM size to hold more music and other data
- Supports up to 32 tracks
- Supports unique music for each dungeon
- Incorporates lag reduction to make the game faster even with the heavy FT engine

A demo video of a pre-lag reduction version:




makeftrom is the utility used to import music into ROMs. With data files from each, it supports all games with slightly differing features.



Oh my! This is something that will surely be of great help. I might give this a go during the week 😁
Hopefully gzip sees it too :p


Been lurking these FamiTracker implementation threads, you're a saint for doing all this hard work on so many titles. :beer:
These massively expand both the potential and accessibility of music hacks, especially for people like me who are experienced with FamiTracker but less so when it comes to reverse engineering & asm.

Your Metroid guide/patch was also very helpful. I was able to complete a full vanilla music hack referencing it + an existing disassembly.
Another hacker by the name of Mindflower is currently working on a Famitone 5 implementation for that game to support a few upcoming hacks, maybe consider touching base with him if you have anything in progress there to avoid duplicating any work.


Glad it's useful

I ran into Mindflower in one of the NES Discords, actually. I heard he was working on it for Metroid. I haven't heard anything about it recently, though.


how the heck do you use this thing (keep in mind i cant program :D )
famicom, the kun.


Quote from: FamicomKun on September 09, 2023, 07:39:46 PMhow the heck do you use this thing (keep in mind i cant program :D )
You read the documentation, make an effort to learn about things you don't understand, and then try to ask smarter questions.
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