Legend of Banjo (Hack of NES Zelda) can't save game, is this a bug or feature?

Started by thingsiplay, February 18, 2023, 11:45:56 PM

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Hi everyone. I noticed user reports for Legend of Banjo that the game does not have a save functionality, despite building on Zelda with save support. Why is that? This is particularly a problem, because the save options in the game are still there and game will fake save, but in reality it would not. This is not documented on the projects page and it does not have any readme pointing to the problem. People report that they lost their progress.

So my question is, is this by design or a bug? Either way, it should be documented or at least the save menu should be patched out if its possible.


This dude was messing with the header, and disabled battery for emulators in the process.

Proper byte in this hack should be 13. I have submitted a fixed patch.


Thank you! Amazing that this is such a simple change and in the header only. This one simple change could have saved a lot for some, especially those who don't use Save States. I had trouble downloading the patch, so edited it myself. And tested before and after and it certainly works.