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Stacking patches.

Started by SSThing, May 23, 2023, 04:50:08 AM

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Hello all.
Just a quick question about patch/hack stacking.

If I start playing a patched game in Retroarch can I (later) add extra patches etc and will all my saves etc continue or is it recognised as a completely new rom meaning I have to start again?
Thank you.


That would depend on how the emulator links the saves to your game. If you apply the patches to the same ROM file with the same name it might recognize it, if it associates saves with ROMs by filename only.
If it associates by hash, then it won't work.
If you apply the patches to a new ROM with a new filename, it surely won't work.
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Thank you.

I think that the prudent thing to do will be backup both my original rom and saves and then start experimenting.