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Terranigma Data Reader

Started by Road, February 08, 2023, 07:53:27 AM

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Description: Small commandline utility to print informations from Terranigma roms (supports and autodetects all languages) written in php (RH Link).

After nearly five years it's time for another update of my program.

TerraDR 1.2 mainly brings the ability to read in enemy names from an external file and some small fixes. This time I'm posting some beta versions before submitting a release

--enemy-names=<filename_here> allows to load a file with enemy ids and names

The file format is easy, the first line is ignored for comments, after that it's always one line id and the next the name

If you don't specify the --enemy-names parameter the script will search for "enemynames_LANGUAGE.txt" (f.e. enemynames_en.txt if you load an english rom)


I could use help with the following things:
  • Just testing the software and reporting missing things
  • Files with enemy names in the other languages (german, spanish, japanese, french) to bundle with the software
  • Enemies 87-92 look like dummy entries, but 93 & 95 seem like normal enemy stats. It would be great if someone could confirm if they are actually used
  • Currently I only have the german character translation table integrated, any help with that in other languages would be nice

Any other questions or comments are welcome

For usage help simply execute the program without parameters to get an overview

Warning for novice users: This is a commandline program, it doesn't have a graphical user interface. If you want to execute the php script directly, you need a PHP interpreter (Any version 4+ should work) on your computer. You need a valid copy of a Terranigma rom. If you get garbage output, try --header as additional parameter, you might have a headered rom.

Info: No, the exe file does not contain a virus, some scanners still flag it because of the embedded php and the upx exe packer. Just use the php file if you are unsure.