Questions about zelda2 sideview and overworld editor

Started by duke24e, January 31, 2023, 12:48:26 PM

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Hello everyone,

I try to play with both sideview editor and overworld editor from njosro

I read the help topics but I still have couple of questions.

Let say I would like to add a scene when we enter the cave for the death mountain, instead of just warp to the death mountain, how I can do that ?

I think I will have no choice to point it to an existing scene, since the game dont have any unused scene right ? and using an existing scene will not work too because that scene will still have the exits set as it supposed to be so I cannot change that scene to exit to the deatch mountain entrance.

Ah yes and if I try to test scene 1 without editing anything, when I exit, link appear on the principal palace at the beginning, same thing for scene 2, there is something I miss with the editor ??