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Super Game Boy hardware. (CIC, ICD2)

Started by PhyChris, January 27, 2023, 01:45:55 PM

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Sup all! I have A SGB here and was wondering about the chips on the PCB. The ROM chip is nothing special, an easy way to disable the chip is tie the /CE pin to 5V. then wire your own ROM chip to the SGB cart pins. No big deal.  Now the questions :)

The CIC and ICD2 are separate chips with the ICD2 doing all the magic GB screen to SNES stuff. How would one wire their flash carts four CIC pins to the system? Would you even need to and just use the SGB CIC chip?   

Note: I am talking about wiring a cart slot to the SGB pins for a flash cart. Two carts plugged in at once.


I think this is a topic for a different forum entirely.

We talk about game software modifications here.
I think you want a forum designed to discuss hardware mods.
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