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[PSX] Difficulty finding pointers - Wild Arms

Started by lummie, January 25, 2023, 10:36:24 AM

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I've been trying to find the PSX Wild Arms 1 pointers for hours now, but I can't find them.
Can someone help me?


Pointers for what? If your other thread is dealing with fonts I can presume text or the font itself (if it is custom size tiles then pointers become very useful very quickly) but pointers are a thing in computing in general that get used essentially everywhere within all aspects of a program.

For text then one of three things likely happens.

1) In the text file itself, usually before the text. For a PS1 game then chances are at file level rather than whole ISO (though some anti piracy and audio files will do this) or memory level (like older/non filesystem based devices).
2) In the same directory as the text file. Rare for text compared to graphics, multimedia or archive formats where such approaches are far more common but has been seen.
3) If the text is in the game's binary (most times this is an exe file on the PS1 but there are others) in which case it is likely to be memory level. That is to say the binary gets loaded into a fixed location in memory and any text then gets referenced by that layout ( ).

I would start out looking for 1) in this by finding your text file and seeing where any text starts. Before it is where you tend to find pointers. There are a variety of approaches such things use, in addition to whatever formatting the game decides to stick in there (what character portrait to display, make it bold, colours, jiggly animation...). PS1 is new enough that I would start by fuzzing the edges a bit and seeing if you can find out something about new lines -- pointers were once the only way it was really done but auto detection of line ends, things within the text and other things can do it. If you find it is one of the auto or in text stream characters then you know more how many you can expect and what sorts of differences in value/distance they will be.