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ROM Hacks: Manall's FF1 v2.2.2 Release

Started by RHDNBot, January 24, 2023, 06:32:34 AM

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Update By: Manall

Yay, an update for 2023!

One of the main goals with 2.2.2 was to smooth some of the steeper enemy damage thresholds, specifically to aid the Fighter. They will also become ever so slightly stronger by the very end, and these two changes will collaborate to improve combat flow.

This will not allow for a massive amount of extra damage, but rather help make turns against specific armored foes more meaningful. This builds off what began in version 2.2, which saw improvements to several important melee weapons.

Also - at the request of a fan, there is a new bonus patch which disables the flashing spell animation. The game should now be much easier on the eyes, and perhaps now even finally playable by some who otherwise would have to steer clear of the game entirely out of health concerns. Happy RPG-ing!

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I'm extremely photosensitive, so I'm always thrilled when someone takes the time to reduce or remove flashing effects. Thank you for this!