Problem extracting 64*64 tiles from EarthBound Zero

Started by MOTHERrocks, February 15, 2023, 09:54:08 AM

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I was reading the Data Crystal page for EB0 and I'm trying to create a program that extracts the map. The thing I'm stuck on is:

QuoteThe composition of 64×64 tiles is at 2000-2FFF. Bits 0-6 select a 16×16 tile, and bit 7 determines whether to use the first or second tileset again. If the 64×64 tile was from the first tileset, then setting bit 7 will put in a 16×16 tile from the second tileset, and vice versa.

But how is it divided? One byte isn't enough for one 64*64 tile because it needs to specify 16 different 16*16 tiles. And I can't figure out the arrangement. I tried grouping every 16 bytes into one tile but I just got random tiles.


Something is pointing at 2000-2FFF to select a preset 16 bytes combination, like this house over here

So a single byte is enough.