[Technical] Sakura Wars GB2 Translation Project - Lead programmer needed

Started by comicmaster140, January 23, 2023, 04:59:56 PM

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[Technical] Sakura Wars GB2 Translation Project - Lead programmer needed

Hi, Im Comicmaster and I'm looking for a programmer thats fimilar with Gameboy color romhacking to join in making an English translation pacth for Sakura Wars GB2.

For those those who don't know Sakura Wars (サクラ大戦 Sakura Taisen) is a Japanese multimedia franchise created by Oji Hiroi, and is developed by Sega and Red Entertainment.
The first handheld game in the series Sakura Wars GB1 was a game that act as a side story to the events of Sakura Wars 1. Its gameplay primarilry focused on its short visual novel section and timing based mini-games.
Its sequel Sakura Wars GB2 on the other hand would instead focus on primarily RPG combat. But instead of ther series usual turn-based SRPG combat GB2 would had adoted a combat system similar to FFVII where play fight emeines on a fixed plane and take turns attacking each other based on their atb bar.

Overall I personally like Sakura Wars GB2's more battle and RPG focused gameplay because its an overall improvement on the somewhat repatious gameplay loop.
I am looking to make a group to join me in making an English patch for Sakura wars GB2, but first I need a lead programer for the project.
I will maintain the same role I had Sakura Wars GB1 Translation Project which is the Lead Graphic designer.

If interested please replay in the comments or PM my discord at ComicMaster138#2537