Hacking hardware: Bung Doctor V64 N64 Cart

Started by T.Dalt, January 21, 2023, 01:53:21 AM

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Hey all. Has anyone ever heard of a specially designed computer system called the Bung Doctor V64 ? Apparently it was used in game creation by Iguana who made Turok and stuff, and I recently came across a cartridge for sale online for the N64 that may be useful in some way in the creation of unique graphics for the N64 but I'm not sure what it does. Here. Does anyone know what this thing might do?


I'm sure if you do a bit of Googling, you will find people are abundantly familiar with devices from Bung. You did try Googling before posting, right..?

Though they are of some historical curiosity, they are all kind of redundant now since much better devices like the Everdrive are readily available.

Anyway, as it says in the auction:
QuoteAs far as I know, it won't have any practical effect without the collection of other equipment that seemed to be necessary to do their graphics work
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