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ROM Hacks: Journey to Silius: Fair Edition

Started by RHDNBot, January 18, 2023, 09:28:02 AM

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Update By: schil227

There is a certain archetype of NES game that has this criteria: The game-play is rock solid, the graphics are beautiful, the music is kick-ass, and the difficulty is way, way too hard. Journey to Silius is one of these games.

Journey to Silius is really special; you *want* to see more of it. You *want* to beat it. But the frustration of playing it long outstays the fun. You could cheat with infinite lives or continues with game genie - but, then what's the point? Instead, this patch aims to "correct" the cruel difficulty, while making minimal changes to keep the game true to its original form. The result is the game is still very difficult, but with skill and knowledge, it is much more manageable.

What this patch does specifically is increase the chance of health drops. In the base game, the player has a very rare chance of getting a health drop (and, is twice as likely to get a weapon energy drop instead). The patch gives both health and weapon energy drops a 12.5% chance of happening on any standard enemy. Limited continues were kept in to keep the high-stakes gameplay.

The change is subtle, but the results are great: with more health drops, there is significantly less frustration, the challenge is (still) difficult but fair, and the game is much more fun.

For many of (us) which have given up on Journey to Silius because it was just unrealistically difficult, consider this patch the solution.

RHDN Project Page

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I'm looking forward to trying this game again with this patch. You're right; I just gave up with how impossible it was. I knew I could get better, but I didn't want to put in the time.


This is honestly, one of my all time favorite games. But good god, this game is relentless. This game as well as many other Sunsoft games of this era had a difficulty level that was ridiculous. This patch is cathartic to me, since most stages are just endurance challenges leaving you pretty much dead by the stage's miniboss or boss.

Neon Streetlight

Great idea! Under appreciated game that really is too unforgiving to get through for most people. I'd love to beat it this way and then use it as practice to beat the original sometime. Thanks for making it!


I always liked this game and its phenomenal music but found the jumping mechanics a bit weird and the difficulty a bit too high. Now I'll try it again as it seems more fair and fun to play. By the way, I read the info about this project on github and found it very interesting. It's clear that the author of this hack put a lot of effort on understanding the game and trying to "fix" it without changing much of the original experience.

It'd be great to have the hidden options screen also activated within this hack if possible. If you press B 33 times on the title screen and then press start, you'll be taken to a sound test menu where you can listen to the game's music and also change the number of continues. I think it'd make this Fair Edition more complete by giving more options to the player and having direct access to the sound test of one of the best NES soundtracks.