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Battletoads and Double Dragon NES Hack Request

Started by your_sunset, January 16, 2023, 03:47:52 AM

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Hello, everybody

Could anyone please help where can I do a hack request? I would appreciate it so much since the link in ROM Hacking Discussion section thread named "Hack and Translation requests DO NOT go here" to the thread where it will be allowed doesn't work at the moment

If it's allowed here, I would like to request a hack of NES Battletoads and Double Dragon NTSC version, I faced a problem where it's not possible to play with second player when playing on Famicom via Flash Cart, so it would be much appreciated if any could help with a hack that would allow to choose characters with A or B button on character selection screen. Thanks in advance  :beer:


I can't merge it, but the topic seems to be up. Still, please avoid making separate threads.
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