I am trying to make a SMT3 Nocturne (hardtype mod) PS2 translation to Portuguese

Started by ShiroKazuchi, January 14, 2023, 08:43:54 PM

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Hi guys, i'm new here. Good night!

I am trying to make a SMT3 Nocturne (hardtype mod) (PS2) translation to Portuguese, I'm using ps2dis Beta build Mar 16 2002 to try to find dialog and menu text, and found it on "SLUS_209.11".

I opened this file on ps2dis and tested if a change in label would work, but i can only save changes in .pis files, i have no idea how to save the changes back to .11 file and make the folder back again to .iso file type.

I already tried to just change the .11 as text file on notepad and remake folder as iso with "Folder2Iso 3.1" but with no suceess. PCSX2 always logs "(ELF) Size of program headers is not standard PCSX2".

So please if someone that knows how to translate PS2 games could help me with that issue I would be really glad.

Thanks.  :)