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ROM Hacks: Road Rash 3 Improvement Special

Started by RHDNBot, January 11, 2023, 10:30:45 AM

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Update By: Ti_

"Road Rash 3 Improvement" romhack updated to v1.04.

Added new 'Special version' for Sega-CD hardware owners that improves framerate yet much more, and can be used even if CD-drive doesn't work.

The standard version has also been updated with some fixes.

RHDN Project Page

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Could you implement everdrive pro SEGACD support please?


Hi, I've been following your work on Road Rash 3, I wanted to make some suggestions, would it be possible to create some different tracks? I saw that the rom is still very small, it could also add more sound effects for example when using the chain to hit the opponents, observe road rash psx and pc they walk low on the bike in the mega drive he has his body upright, it would be possible to use psx sprites or fix them to be similar to psx? I saw that it is now possible to use a 6-button control, there could be a button for punching and another for kicking, I saw that there is a button dedicated to nitro and I wanted to make a suggestion, note that at the start the bike rears up, I could add this to the gameplay by pressing 2x accelerator the bike rear up to gain a little more speed? one more thing is that it is possible to improve the physics that leaves the bike very light jumping in places that it shouldn't due to low speed, and finally adds save game in place of the codes and that can save and engines that is the sound of the engine or leave it as default already activated, I remembered one more detail I use overclock and I notice that the music sometimes has problems did you notice that?