Sprite tricks for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers on SNES

Started by zeropage, December 12, 2022, 07:01:27 AM

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I was looking for cool and interesting memory addresses and I stumbled on something I think is both cool and interesting. I haven't seen this posted anywhere before so I'll share here for anyone who might be interested.

Bank 7E
address $0C8A is the player sprite.
address $0CC4 is a "fix" (I'll explain below)

Changing the player sprite is as easy as writing in a new value at $0C8A and then writing a $01 to the "fix" location at $0CC4. For some reason, sprites are glitchy if you change them without writing to the "fix" location.

The working sprite values are:

No suits:
  $00 Jason    (Red)
  $01 Billy    (Blue)
  $02 Kimberly (Pink)
  $03 Zack     (Black)
  $04 Trini    (Yellow)
With suits:
  $05 Red      (Jason)
  $06 Blue     (Billy)
  $07 Pink     (Kimberly)
  $08 Black    (Zack)
  $09 Yellow   (Trini)

I said "working" sprite values, because you can cause some crazy artifacts and glitchy boss sprites, but they crash the game.

It's possible to use Pro Action Replay to modify the game - if you use a code to play without a suit the game will hang when your character morphs until you turn the code off, but then you can turn it back on without issue. I haven't tested the
Megazord stages to see if there are issues there with these codes.

Pro Action Replay
Replace the ?? with a value from the list above.

This is pretty useless really, but it was a fun discovery. Maybe it will be of use to somebody. Maybe someone smarter than me could make a ROM hack that randomizes your sprite after each attack or something.