Help Please - Anyone Know How to Change Sprite/Color Palette Links in FFI (NES)

Started by SuzieStarscream, November 23, 2022, 04:10:55 PM

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Hi there! Does anybody know how to change the PC Palette IDs for Final Fantasy I?

In FFI the PC sprites are all linked to the same color palette; either Red/White or Blue/Yellow.

I know how to change the sprite color in general, but it changes the color of every sprite in that group. Does anybody know how to point a specific sprite to the other color palette? For example change the Warrior from Red/White to the Blue/Yellow color palette without changing the color of every other Red/White sprite.

Thank you in advance for your help!


In FF Hackster, it looks like you can click "Class Editor", choose a class, click "Edit Battle Pic", and change the palette used -- blue/yellow or red/white.

For the US version (PRG+CHR CRC CEBD2A31), when I changed the palette in FF Hackster, it changed the following offsets in the NES file:

Fighter    3204C and 3ECB4
Thief      3204D and 3ECB5
Black Belt 3204E and 3ECB6
Red Mage   3204F and 3ECB7
White Mage 32050 and 3ECB8
Black Mage 32051 and 3ECB9

A value of 00 means the blue/yellow palette, 01 means the red/white palette.


Thank you very much for the information! I didn't even know there was an editor dedicated to FFI!