[Technical] Need a lead programmer for FlyHight Cloudia 1 English patch

Started by comicmaster140, December 07, 2022, 11:37:05 AM

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This project is port over the official English translation Flyhight Cloudia 1 made for android/ios (Which has now been delisted from all app stores) to g-mode Archives port for the Nintendo Switch and PC

For those not in the know "Flyhight Cloudia 1" is the first game in a jrpg released in 2004 and published by g-mode. The game and it's three sequels would also later receive ports for modern systems such as the Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam through g-mode's game archive project.

The plot of Flyhight Cloudia 1 is:
"The story takes place in Cloudia, a world where islands float among a sea of clouds.

Under orders of the king, Raynus, Cavalry Vessel Lieutenant of the Kaiserschult Empire, sets off to gain control of Vardelzein Island along with his close friend Lonard.

Raynus and Lonard execute a surprise attack on the island security command post. Reinas successfully subdues it but is angered by the massacre of civilians at the hands of the king's military forces, and clashes with Lonard. Accused of treason, Raynus flees and becomes a fugitive of the Kaiserschult's army.

Raynus is rescued by Bernheim and Nia who happened to be in the area, and they head to the magical kingdom of Saint Mira by airship where he meets Hunt and Weiss.

Along with the others, Raynus prevents the Kaiserschult invasion of Saint Mira, where after he is allowed an audience before the king of Saint Mira. There he learns of the suspicious rumors surrounding the king of Kaisershult, as well the existence of a so-called "airgate."

Raynus and the others set out to investigate the Holy Tower of Ptrequis which holds the key to the airgate. Our story continues from there."

I have the extracted the official english script from the android port I am looking for a lead programmer that can help me port the script to the g-mode archive Nintendo Switch port.

If interested please comment on this post or PM me, Help is very much appreciated
I will handle the translation and modification of in-game graphics.