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Captain Rainbow full English patch project

Started by Chao-Etta, November 20, 2022, 05:01:47 PM

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I've been working on a full English patch for Captain Rainbow. Right now I am working with someone who is retranslating the game's text to be more accurate. All of the game's text will be in English, including the text that isn't in English in the version currently online. Currently, we're mostly focusing on getting the text ready before inserting it into the game, which will probably take a while. We're making good progress though, and I look forward to completing this project! I have figured out how to replace all the game's text thanks to MarkAss's posts and comparing the Japanese and incomplete English versions, and have spent the past few months ensuring I can do the project. Once the text is ready, it'll just be a matter of putting it into the game and then testing it all (which will also take a while!) I'll share brief major updates on the project here.

Here are a few screenshots of the project so far. (Keep in mind we'll be doing more editing and revision to the text.)


Maaan, I'm super-stoked to see this finished! I had played little bit of the original back when the unfinished translation came out, but was bit bummed on some of the rougher edges it might be left with indefinitely. So I'm really happy to see this kind of volunteering to see this to the finish. Wishing you biggest luck on the project!!!  :beer:


Thank you very much!  :) I appreciate it a lot!