ROM Hacks: After years of people asking him to come to Brazil, he came.

Started by RHDNBot, November 18, 2022, 10:08:07 PM

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Update By: Marcos Moutta

Mario Goes to Brazil is a short but very sweet hack with awesome graphics, amazing music and tough-as-nails gameplay.
Visit iconic locations from Brazil, fight an evil boss on each stage and defeat king Koopa's army once and for all!

The project entered its planning stage all the way back in 2009 but only became a thing this year (2022). The aim was to stand out - Mario hacks all kinda look the same, you go through familiar levels on a mission to save a princess or two.
Another intent was to show people the cool places/biomes Brazil has. Nowadays whenever people talk about Brazil it's either crime, the amazon forest burning, corruption or big asses. That's not what the country is about! Besides, the asses aren't that big.

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