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A question about Madara 2

Started by fRikimaru, November 17, 2022, 07:55:29 AM

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Hi! I've seen in the post rules that this is not the place to ask for translations. I get it, even if it was the case, a translation is a hard work enterprise, that needs a long time and effort to complete.

But since I learned about this translation and romhacking place, I always hoped to find a translated version of Super Famicom Madara 2.

I've been seeing lots of translations for a lots of games, sometimes several translations for the same title. But never a single one for that game.

Does someone know the reason why nobody has never been interested in this particular game translation?

Maybe the game is just bad, I remember the opening music and the game mechanics and I remember I liked it in the day, but of course I was never able to advance in the game because I don't know japanese...

Is the game really that bad and I was just wrong about it? Is this game just not worth it?

Well, I still hope someone does translate it some day, at least to english language (I'm spanish, that's the reason my english is too bad, but it is good enough to play some games  :P

Well, thanks for all these hackings and translations, I enjoy them a lot.


You'll be pleased to know that substantial work has been done toward a translation:

However, that was last updated in 2008 (?), so it's probably on long-term hold for any number of reasons: unexpected technical challenges, loss of interest, etc.

Since it doesn't appear to have been formally abandoned, just file it away in your mind as a "might happen someday" thing -- and whatever you do, don't ask them for an update!


I've decided to edit this message because, reading it carefully afterwards, it sounded as if I was blaming agtp for not finishing his translations on purpose and it wasn't my real intention.