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[SNES] Mapping Unknow

Started by alex18sak, November 10, 2022, 01:38:12 PM

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Hi guys, sorry for my bad english I'm new here. I was checking the Fievel from and to my surprise the mapping was unknown. How can I fix this? Can someone help me?


Do you mean "An American Tale - Fievel Goes West"?
If it's Mapping Unknown, then you must have a bad or hacked ROM. Or maybe a prototype without a proper header.
I just loaded up a ROM I dumped from my own cart, and it detected HiROM just fine.

Good USA version dump:
MD5: A2AABE7064FF072DE65450D50D50BA93
SHA-1: 572254AEBC4DCF3F65AA0C8F9B7CF6836BB9A294
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