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Refined Platinum (v3.1)

Started by RefinedPlatinum, November 02, 2021, 06:18:32 PM

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Hello, everyone!
Refined Platinum v3.1.4 is out now, at
This uses the 4997 or "Rev 1" as a base and the Delta Patcher ( for patching.
All changes were made in AdAstra and Nomura's DSPRE, and turtleisaac's Pokeditor v2. may contain trace amounts of PPRE

Platinum is a time-tested and thoroughly honored game for the DS. There are patches like Renegade Platinum that revamp the game as a whole and make substantial changes to Pokemon and trainers alike; however, even these have been few, and next to none have been built with the goal of KEEPING the original Platinum experience.
With that in mind, I have made a patch explicitly meant to take the vanilla Platinum experience, and improve the game without violating it. That is to say, it's a 493 patch built with all of Platinum's bells and whistles still in place.
There's also some QoL changes like having the 2x HP Speed, more wild held items, and fully legal movepool changes. It also adds additional postgame content, ranging from legendaries to - as of 3.0 - superbosses, enhanced Battlegrounds/E4 rematches, and PC trainers. To top it all off, the Battle Zone is stronger, and the postgame as a whole has more grit to it. However, much of the pre-E4 trainers are the same.
All events that were released for the original Platinum have been restored. This means Shaymin, Darkrai, Regis and the Rotom Room have been fully restored. Azure Flute is handled differently, as it was never actually released.

This is Refined Platinum

Changes Include

*A More Diverse Sinnoh - all insertion exclusive Pokémon are now found via Poke Radar or walking in postgame areas. Furthermore, all Trophy Garden, Great Marsh, Version Exclusive, and Honey Tree Pokémon can now be found through other means. The ones in the Sinnoh Dex can now be found be walking. NO Pokémon outside of the Sinnoh Dex has been added to pre-E4 areas, with one exception. There are Combees and Tropius in the grass, but the wild encounters are still close to what you'd see in vanilla.
*Single Player Evolutions - You can get EVERY Pokémon without having to trade in any way, shape, or form. All trade evolutions have been fixed, plus specifically Feebas.
*A Held Item In Every Slot - Countless wild Pokémon now have held items, especially berries and the like. This also means more shards and more lucky items you can get.
*An Acquired Phrase - while the core plot is identical, many NPCs have new dialogue. These are mostly to reflect the changes made, or just for flavor.

Version 2.0 Changes
*Legend of Sinnoh - ALL Legendary and Mythical Pokémon are now available as STATIC ENCOUNTERS (like most legendaries are); furthermore, all events released for the original Platinum have been restored and can be completed in-game. See the readme for more details.
*Move Over - A notable amount of movepool changes have been made, plus new movesets for legendaries. This smooths out getting certain builds and helps some of the worst Pokémon, all while being 100% legal for Gen 4 (based off of Heartgold/Soulsilver movepools). Expanded in v3.1.
*Peak Ability - **THIS ONLY AFFECT TRAINERS, AND DOES NOT AFFECT BATTLE FRONTIER TRAINERS NOR WILD POKEMON IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM** Certain Pokémon have had abilities 1 and 2 swapped so trainers will have better ability options. Expanded in v3.1.
FOR EXAMPLE, Croagunk normally has Anticipation/Dry Skin, so trainers had Croagunks with Anticipation. This is changed to Dry Skin/Anticipation, so trainers will have Croagunks with Dry Skin.

Version 3.0 Changes
*Celestial Alignment - SUPERBOSSES HAVE BEEN ADDED! Get rained out by Saturn, talk to Cyrus within the void, keep Prof. Oak entertained with a battle, and more. Post-Stark challenges have been added for the strongest of parties.
*Elite Street - POSTGAME REMATCHES for the Elite Four and Battlegrounds have NEW TEAMS and/or alternate text. Barry no longer has time requirements. Most midgame trainers are unedited, but the Commanders have new teams and lategame trainers have slight buffs.
Rebalancing of earlier features, and especially a certain pair of Battle Zone fights.
*Time Enough - HP bars update up to 2x as fast. Purely aesthetic, but good QoL.
And, finally, 3.1 changes
*Zoning Violation - POSTGAME AREAS HAVE BEEN BUFFED! The Battle Zone is now a rugged trek instead of a gentle parade, with tougher wilds and stronger trainers. Traversing the area should be a decent endurance challenge. Buck and Marley are now stronger partners to compensate. Many rematches have also been buffed.
*Transit of Eris - ADDITIONAL SUPERBOSSES are present. Mars and Jupiter have arrived, and Charon is under house arrest.
*Central Affairs - Pokémon Center fights now scale better, and are much stronger post-Stark with new teams.

*Minor IV changes, changed select encounters slightly.
*Added Looker NPC.
v3.1 - Zoning Violation
*Additional Superbosses have been added. Altair now requires you to have fought the 4 Weather superbosses.
**Fights are meant to be post-Rematch Cynthia.
**Mars is now available as a superboss.
**Jupiter is now available as a superboss.
**Eris is now available as a superboss.
*All Battle Zone and Postgame Victory Road trainers have been buffed to make things more interesting. A significant amount of postgame rematches have been buffed.
**All Postgame wilds have been given +4 levels, or raised to 60, whichever is lower. Victory Road wilds have been raised by one level.
**Cyrus, Candice, Volkner, League Barry and the Elite Four have also been given items and nominal buffs.
*Some more abilities have been swapped for trainers. See section 5X.
*Additional move changes have been made. These are still Gen 4 legal and meant to be very subtle, but they're specifically to raise up the most problematic Pokemon, like Cherrim. ESPECIALLY Cherrim.
*Wild held Shard rates have been lowered to keep the Underground and Great Marsh Shard Giver relevant.

*HP drop speed is now up to 2x faster against high-HP foes.
v3 - Celestial Alignment
*Superbosses have been added as Post-Rematch E4 challenges.
**Fights are meant to be post-Rematch Cynthia.
**Oak's Aide is now available as a superboss.
**Altair is now available as a superboss.
**Cyrus is now available as a superboss.
**Saturn is now available as a superboss.
*There is now a shop in the Survival Area that sells Evolution Items and Berries.
*Starters have been moved to routes around Veilstone for balance purposes
**Minor encounter changes.
*Hallowed Tower now will not awaken unless you have 5 badges.
*Post-Stark rematches with Gym Leaders and Elite Four members now have new teams. The main game fights with the three Commanders to spice things up. No other trainers have been edited.
**Someone is on break in Celestic Town.
**Relevant Battleground trainers, as well as Bertha, call in the appropriate weather ahead of time.
*Barry no longer has time requirements for rematches, has a slightly stronger team, and lets you pick what difficulty you want to fight him at. Requirements for the tiers reduced from 10 and 20 to 6 and 12.
*Darkrai and Secret Key events have been reworked.
**The Flame Plate Arceus event now checks for Palkia's flag.
*Post-Stark Rematches for the League now have alternate text, just for fun.

v2.1.3 - Lucario Update
*Lucario can now be found in Victory Road, and Riolu on the topmost floors of Mt. Coronet. Some Onix encounters have been replaced by Steelix.
v2.1.2 - Minor Changes
*Shifted Old Chateau's encounters a little, limited Feebas to 4F and B1F of Mt. Coronet, and rewrote some hints.
v2.1 - Trainer Abilities
*Certain Pokemon have had their first and second abilities swapped, that way trainers with a Machop will have No Guard instead of Guts. THIS HAS NO EFFECT OUTSIDE OF NORMAL TRAINERS, AND DOES NOT AFFECT THE BATTLE FRONTIER NOR WILD POKEMON IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM.
*Machoke and Kadabra now evolve at level 38, while Poliwhirl, Haunter and Graveler effectively evolve at level 36.
**Gastly and Haunter now learn Ominous Wind at level 22 and 1 (and Sucker Punch at level 24 as a result) to compensate for not getting any special stab until level 36.
*Deoxys now has post-battle text.
*Various legendaries have less annoying battles now, with things like making Dialga use Mud-Slap instead of Double Team or taking away Recover from Deoxys.

v2.0 - Legendaries, Moves and TMs
*All events are restored and all previously unavailable legendaries have been added as static encounters.
*Movepools have been edited somewhat for the legendary fights, as well as for general QoL.
*A TM shop has been added to the Resort Area.
*Added additional puns and jokes and a handful of NPCs.

v1.0 - First Release
*All non-legendary Pokemon are freely available in the wild. Only Sinnoh Dex Pokemon are available pre-E4, with one exception.
*An overwhelming amount more Pokemon now hold held items.


Hi! Is this hack really working?

I've downloaded the right version and the hack files then patched it. The patcher (xdelta) screen Said that the patch was applied correctly but I've been playing the game for a couple of hours and didn't find any of the other starters at the grass nor anything different from vanilla.
Is there any way to know, such as any feature or a different opening that could tell me that I'm really playing the refined platinum version rather than the original one?