ROM Hacks: Rot Your Brains with "ALPHA SPHERE Zero"!

Started by RHDNBot, October 31, 2022, 08:25:19 AM

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Update By: Daizo Dee Von

The Super Mario World Horror ROM Hack, "ALPHA SPHERE Zero: Rotten Brains", follows suit with the original! The 2bit styled terror that is this world continues with a brand new backstory, and with it...more secrets!

A relic fell from the sky, with the promise of granting the person the ability to revive those who they loved most. "Mal", brother of "Norma" and best friend of "Doctor Andre", explores the homeland on the surface in front of a tall cliff. There is a wide cast of characters to world-build off of. Mal's girlfriend, "Ellie", is curious about the relic and wants to test it. How far will Mal go?

Things to expect:
  • An atmosphere identical to ALPHA SPHERE.
  • Many NPCs to interact with.
  • Another story that's as intriguing as the last.
  • Secrets that reveal more about the game's world.
  • A couple of original songs written by Daizo himself.

Warning: This hack contains HEAVY themes of suicide and addiction. The whole game is Red and Black, which may lead to eye sores if played for a long period of time. The hack can be very disturbing and even depressing at points.

If you have 30 minutes to spare, go ahead and give this ROM hack a go. This one is definitely more of a "walk and experience" hack than most, but you might still find this one interesting!

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