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[Genesis/MD] Editing Menu text?

Started by DeathPerception, October 30, 2022, 12:13:19 AM

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I'm hoping to finish the patch for the DBZ game for genesis. What's a good text editor to change things like menu options?


If there is no existing game specific tool (sometimes abandoned translations will release tools, though menus are usually only a few dozen words and indeed the more common scenario is menus get translated but the script+tools are what is released/left for future hacker) then you get to make one and play to however the game is made.

There are any number of ways for games to display text on screen, and indeed menus are even more common users of the graphical approaches to such things (allows you to have fancier text than bulk text engines, such as you might use for story, tend to manage). To this end general purpose editor is not a thing that is ever going to exist this side of crazy AI driven stuff in probably a few decades, or someone decides to hack every single game on a system* (unlikely for the megadrive, could see it for certain MAME cores where there are only a few games ever released for them)

*this also assumes the hackers do not change how something works, which is seen commonly enough in text hacking (8-16 bit conversions, possibly pointer alterations, if graphical then larger options added lest it be limited to the 3 character abbreviations that Japanese got away with)