DKC Editor V 0.37 Music Editor Added Among other things

Started by Cyclone, October 19, 2022, 04:15:24 AM

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I added a basic Music Editor to my program. You can change which music is played on each level and change the tempo to make the music faster or slower. Or mute each tack individually.

Other features of the Editor.

- Dialog Editor
- Credits Editor
- Stage Name Editor

And various other simple hacks such as invincibility, edit the physics of the Kongs, etc

UI Features

- You can back up the edited dialog, stage names, etc to a text file and then load that text back into the editor.
- Play the selected music mp3's as a reference.
- A thumbnail image is displayed when you hover over a a "level" checkbox so you know what area's music you are changing.

incomplete may have tons of bugs!
Again I am looking for testers....

Special thanks to everyone for the help especially Mattrizzle and Rainbowsprinklz!

Screenshots can be found here on the DKC-Atlas.


Can someone please try it out and let me know what you think? Does the program work?



It runs on my notebook, Win 7 x64. All buttons seems to work.

However, by pressing Credits or Dialog, the windows becomes too large for my 1600x900 screen and I can't press To Main Window button at the bottom.

Also, by going into Credits or Dialog, then changing focus to a different window and then back to editor window, the whole menu goes back to default but with a wrong window size. The same thing happens if I try to resize the window with a mouse by dragging the corners.

Haven't tried any of the functions because I don't play this game.


Thanks so much for trying it out. I am using a 4K monitor that is probably why the window is so big.
I will see what I can do to fix the window size issues